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The continuous flow of oil is directed to the forehead (third eye position).

Action: balancing effect on the deepest parts of brain, stimulation of the endocrine system, help in mental relaxation, getting rid of insomnia, stress, toxins and improving blood circulation

Synchronized full body massage with warm medicated herbal oils with lymphatic drainage effect. The ritual is useful in muscle stiffness condition, rheumatic conditions, for metabolic waste removal, flexibility, it improves blood circulation and reduces backaches.

A complex of actions aimed at the back area. According to the Ayurveda conception, a large number of ailments are concentrated namely in this part of a human body. During the ritual, a patient relaxes, lying on his stomach. A kind of a bowl made of herbal dough is constructed on the defined area of the patient’s back and the healing oil is poured into the middle of this bowl.

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Let yourself enjoy a small Ayurvedic holiday in Belarus with minimal costs and invaluable benefits for your health!

Exhaustion, lethargy, headaches, lack of vitality – all these can be symptoms of toxic poisoning of your body.

As a result of activities of daily living, toxins (“ama” according to Ayurveda) may accumulate in the human body and it will contribute to the development of health problems.

Ayurvedic oil rituals are the part of Panchakarma that is the purification and detoxification of the body. In the course of rituals with the application of Ayurvedic oils, toxins dissolve and excrete out of the body.



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