Healthy sleep!

One of the sources of positive life energy, which gives us a sense of joy and enthusiasm in life, is healthy sleep!

How do we feel if we had a bad sleep at night?
The next day we feel apathy and irritation.

Sleep disorders do more than just make you feel tired. Bad sleep can affect your performance, including your ability to think clearly, react quickly, and form memories. This may cause you to make bad decisions and take more risks.

How do we feel when we sleep too long on weekends?
We also feel heavy headed and sleepy. There should be the right balance between sleep and activity. It is important to have enough rest to act effectively throughout the day.
The rhythms and style of modern life often lead to sleep disorders. Our mind becomes restless, people experience a state of anxiety and cannot sleep at night.

Ayurveda doctors often prescribe a healing drink made of almonds in such cases.
Soak 10-12 fresh natural almonds in spring water overnight. Peel them off and put the almonds into a blender; add a glass of warm milk, a pinch of ground ginger, a little ground nutmeg and three saffron stamen. Mix well and enjoy!

Tea made from lemon balm (20 g per liter of boiling water) helps to manage insomnia and anxiety.
From the beginning of times, the tulsi (holy basil) was used in Ayurveda to combat alarming state. Fresh basil leaves can be added to salads and vegetable dishes or you may simply prepare tea from it, adding 1 tablespoon of dried basil leaves into a cup of boiled water and brew it for 10 minutes. This tea will cheer you up.

There is a simple and effective way to stimulate sleep: before you go to bed, for a few minutes rub a little oil in your scalp and soles of your feet. You can use sesame oil or ghee oil (melted butter). The oil should be slightly warmed before use.
Without any doubt, the most popular ritual in the therapeutic Ayurveda centers, that helps to reduce stress and avoid insomnia is Shirodhara. The procedure is as follows: a thin stream of warm oil is poured into special points on the forehead. In parallel with this, a slight massage of the head is performed. The uniqueness of this ritual is that it not only relaxes you, but also effectively rejuvenates our body.

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