Nutrition in Ayurveda

 Ayurveda being a science of health and longevity pays great attention to the culture of human nutrition. The products we eat and the manner we eat them is the cause of many diseases and at the same time, almost all these diseases can be cured with the help of proper nutrition. Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart diseases (diseases in which we use a large number of different medicines) — all these to a greater extent is a consequence of malnutrition. This is the body’s reaction signalizing that it can no longer absorb what we offer it and that we should reconsider what and how we eat, and add to our diet what our body lacks.

 We often hear a lot about the benefits of a product and its healing effect, but while we are using this product, we don’t feel any visible changes. The reason of it is that we do not know at what time, in what quantity and along with what else it is better to eat this product in order to maximize the beneficial harmonizing effect of accumulated in it microelements.

Ayurveda doctor will recommend the diet and products that are good personally for you. As in fact, most deviations from healthy state can be corrected only by properly selected diet.
❀ Freshness of food is vividly an important factor.
❀ The food prepared for tomorrow is poorly absorbed and does not bring any benefit to the body.
❀ It is also necessary to consider the compatibility of products. There are many nuances regarding this. For example, it is better to eat fruit separately from other food or at least 30 minutes before the main meal. It is better to eat one kind of fruit in one time. In that case, they will digest better.
❀ Eating should be regulated by the state of digestive fire. Do not eat without feeling hungry and do not refrain from eating if you are.
❀ Do not eat when you are thirsty and drink when you are hungry.
❀ It is very important to eat in a calm environment, enjoying the taste of food without hurrying.
❀ Be grateful for the food that is on your table.

In this case, the food will benefit you and digest well!
You may get detailed recommendations on nutrition taking into account all the features and characteristics of your personal health in our Centre prescribed by Ayurveda doctor.

Eat healthy, be healthy and visit us!

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