Welcome to Yoga classes at Ayurveda Centre SHANTER Wellness

In addition to traditional Ayurvedic rituals, the Ayurveda Centre SHANTER Wellness invites you to practice Yoga every morning and evening with Ayurveda doctor Joovin Kennedy, who is an experienced teacher of Yoga, a carrier of authentic knowledge that is carefully preserved by Indian people.

The instructor of our Centre, Ayurveda doctor Joovin Kennedy specializes in therapeutic Yoga, which has a healing effect on the human body.
Yoga classes are especially indispensable in addition to the complex therapy for dealing with joints and spine diseases, nervous disorders, depression and overweight.

Yoga practice came to us from ancient times, it appeared in India more than 6000 years ago. In Sanskrit “Yoga” means “Union”.
As a result of the body’s susceptibility to disease, stress and negative emotions, the harmony of body, breath and mind can be disrupted, like in case of a disordered musical instrument. The practice of Yoga allows you “to tune” again and find the harmony of living, as well as to combine physical and spiritual components of a human personality.

A physical aspect of Yoga consists of Asanas, the positions of the body in which we remain for a while. This is followed by relaxation, which allows the effect of Asanas to penetrate the body, giving it the rest even deeper than the sleep.

Yoga classes strengthen the heart muscle, increase lung ventilation, activate digestion, excretory and metabolic processes in the body. The positive effects of Yoga include normalization of endocrine profile, improving a posture, increasing elasticity and tone of muscles and ligaments, as well as strengthening the immune system, which is especially important during the cold season.

In order to join the centuries old experience, carefully passed from generation to generation by Indian people, you do not need to go to India now. Specialists from India are waiting for you in the Ayurveda Centre in Minsk and will be happy to provide you with the services of Ayurvedic rituals and programs, as well as Yoga practice.

Ayurveda doctor Joovin Kennedy will compose a complex of Asanas, as well as breathing exercises specially for you, taking into account the individual characteristics of your body.

We will be glad to see you at Yoga classes in the Ayurveda Centre SHANTER Wellness!

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