Why necessary to start introduction to Ayurveda with consultation of Ayurveda doctor?

The ancient science of Ayurveda considers all components of human life as an integral system. If one of this components is out of order, the doctor will look for the ultimate cause of the problem.

Each person is individual and according to Ayurveda, has its own constitutional type, which is given at birth and is called “Prakriti” (“basis” from Sanskrit). It determines matrix of existence and life expectancy. Your Prakriti is as unique as fingerprints and DNA. This explains the differences between people and their dissimilar reactions to the same stimuli.

In ideal circumstances, the human constitution should remain unchanged throughout life. However, one is exposed to constant interaction with the environment, which can provoke changes in his/her constitution. The current state of the body is called “Vikriti”. The farther away Vikriti from Prakriti is, the worse condition a person obtains.

Vikriti can be improved with healthy nutrition, herbal medicines, exercise, sleep and rest, as well as with relaxing Ayurvedic rituals.

In what way does the consultation at the Ayurveda Centre take place?

During the consultation in our Centre, the Ayurveda doctor Joovin Kennedy firstly will find out the following issues in a conversation with the visitor — what is your appetite, whether food is easily digested, whether you sleep well and whether you drink enough water. In addition, the consultant Dr. Joovin Kennedy will ask, what food preferences you have and whether there are frequent stressful situations in your life.

At the next stage, our consultant conducts pulse diagnostics, which determines your individual constitution.

Thus, on consultation you receive individual recommendations on the power system and physical activity.

The Ayurveda doctor prescribes a course of Ayurvedic rituals that are suitable for you in a given period of time.

Today, the ancient science of Ayurveda has become closer to you than ever before, and everyone can try its effect, as the cost of a 30-minute consultation with Dr. Joovin Kennedy in our Centre is only 24 Belarusian rubles. If you have a painful condition and the consultant needs more time for consultation, its duration increases to 60 minutes, and its cost – up to 48 rubles. (The cost of consultation is specified on the date of publication 23.10.2018).

You may also buy a Gift Certificate for this service.

The consultant of our Centre Dr. Joovin Kennedy is also an experienced teacher of Yoga. He specializes in therapeutic Yoga, which has a healing effect on various chronic deviations from health. At the consultation, he can recommend you to perform certain Yoga exercises and breathing practices for a comprehensive approach to the recovery of your body.

We will be glad to see you in our Ayurveda Centre in Minsk!

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