Yoga therapy for joints and spine. Zhanna Khrustaleva basing on her personal experience...

From my earliest childhood, I always find myself as a person who enjoys physical activity. At school I was engaged in gymnastics and dance, at the university I regularly attended aerobics classes, and up to this moment I love skiing, swimming and walking. It brings me pleasure to feel my body toned, as it affects my mood and productivity of the day.

However, after the birth of a child, 6-7 kilograms of excess weight left on my body (basing on my constitution, I gain weight very quickly) and by the age of 30 I felt that my back often hurts.

Genetically from my mother, I have a strong deflection in the lumbar spine and it is difficult for me to maintain a straight position of the back.

By the age of 35, I have often suffered from pain in all three parts of the spine: lumbar, thoracic and cervical.

With the onset of autumn, when the cold came, my shoulder joints inflamed for some reason, so several times I had to call an ambulance in order that doctors gave me injections to relieve pain.

On one day, I understood that I should change something in my life, if I was not going to become disabled in the next 5 years.

Today I am 49 years old and I forgot about the pain in my back since Yoga has appeared in my life. I have been doing Yoga for a little over 12 years and today it takes me no more than 30-40 minutes in the morning before breakfast, although the first few years, I had Yoga lessons in a group under the guidance of an instructor.

Now I do exercises for joints every day, then a few exercises that straighten my vertebrae and, necessarily, a couple of asanas to strengthen the back muscles. If you practice Yoga asanas carefully, in your comfort zone, without violence against yourself, and what is the most important, regularly and with pleasure, then the condition of your back and your joints will improve from year to year, and this improvement and increase of joint mobility will go hand in hand with the overall rejuvenation of your body and this is one of the Yoga secrets.

Now, when I work at the Ayurveda Centre and translate the consultations of Ayurveda doctor, I already know that if your diet is dominated by protein food of animal origin, then the rate of uric acid in your body will increase and it will cause pain in joints. In addition, there are products that acidify the body, and this leads to a decrease in the level of immunity. However, there are products that warm up the body and improve our metabolism.

Therefore, if you are conscious of what gets into your body, then Yoga therapy under the guidance of a professional instructor is the thing that will definitely help you to become a healthy and undoubtedly a happy person!

I wish you good health! With love and kind regards, your Zhanna Khrustaleva!

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