How to get warm in cold season, and in addition not to gain extra kilos? Directing Manager of Ayurveda Centre SHANTER Wellness shares her secrets

Genius hides in simplicity. Nature takes care of us and provides everything necessary for our body. In order to keep our body warm in cold weather, we may use the most “hot spice” — ginger root. Regular use of ginger in small quantities increases internal heat, gently stimulating digestion, warming the stomach and blood, accelerating metabolism and all vital processes.

Start drinking ginger water throughout the day. How to make it properly? Very simple. The main thing is not to go overboard with the ginger amount, otherwise the sensitive mucosa of our digestive tract may not perceive the burning nature of ginger. But if ginger is used moderately and regularly, its healing effect on our body is inestimable.

If we use the root of fresh ginger, it is enough to take two thin circles of peeled and finely chopped root for 1 glass of water. It is better to pour ginger with boiling water and preserve for 30 minutes. You can leave ginger drink in a thermos and keep warm throughout the day.

It is good to drink warm ginger water on an empty stomach before each meal. If you do it regularly, you can gradually clean your body of toxins, improve the complexion and clarity of the eyes, assure cheerfulness and good mood during the day.

One of the main qualities of ginger is its ability to maintain a proper level of “digestive fire”. This means that the food that you eat during the day is easily digested and absorbed by the body, and therefore does not settle in your gut in form of toxins and on your waist in form of extra kilos.

As we wrote earlier, the first steps to Ayurveda start from an individual consultation. Our consultant will make an individual program of Ayurvedic nutrition for you, basing on the results of pulse diagnostics.

Be healthy and see you at Ayurveda Centre SHANTER Wellness!

Your Zhanna Khrustaleva

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