Healthful Ghee for your eyes and not just that

In ancient Ayurveda recipes, you can often meet such an ingredient as Ghee.

In our Ayurveda Centre, Ghee is used for health-improving ritual for eyes that is called Netradhara. This ritual is extremely useful for those who have eye redness, eye strain, vision deterioration, cataract.

In the first turn, we recommend you to visit our Centre for consultation of Ayurveda doctor Joovin Kennedy. He will compose a personalized plan on nutrition, lifestyle and physical activity on the basis of pulse diagnosis, and recommend the Ayurvedic rituals that will be helpful namely for you.

Ghee enhances the energy of the body, improves digestive processes, intensifies the action of enzymes, as well as the fiery power of the liver.

Unlike other oils that constipate the liver, Ghee cleans and strengthens it.

It also nourishes the bone marrow and brain, and makes the body more flexible.

Ghee has a positive effect on all body tissues including reproductive one.

Ghee is brilliant tool for rejuvenation and freshness of our mind and nervous system. It enhances perception and mentality.

According to the Ayurveda ancient texts, the health-giving powers of Ghee are improving in the course of time. In Ayurveda rituals, Ghee is used as an effective carrier of herbs’ health-giving properties to all tissues of the body.

How to cook Ghee properly?

To obtain Ghee, take fresh unsalted butter (made of cow’s milk) and heat it on a small fire.

After the butter starts to boil, the foam will appear. In 30 minutes, the foam will cumulate in flakes, and you will see the transparent liquid of golden color. At the bottom the unpleasant sticky sediment will settle. Remove the foam with a dry spoon, and let the butter cool slightly.

Then strain Ghee with a sieve, separate it from the sediment. Ghee should be stored in a dry dark place, at room temperature.

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