Why Ayurveda pays tremendous attention to proper nutrition?

The case is that from the Ayurveda conception, all our problems come from the stomach. There is no need to dispute the close connection between stomach diseases and the spiritual mood of a person. After all, such a state as stress, anxiety, panic attacks, directly affect the state of the gastrointestinal tract.

One of the three main doshas, that are Vata (air and ether), Pitta (water and fire) and Kapha (water and earth), namely Kapha is responsible for the functioning of gastrointestinal tract and for maintaining normal levels of mucus in the human body. Violation of the gastrointestinal mucosa contributes to the generation of numerous diseases, such as gastritis, ulcer, stomach tumor and others.

How can you find out, what is your constitutional type and determine what is useful personally for you? Very simple! In order to get a more detailed list of recommendations on Ayurvedic nutrition, we highly recommend you to visit the consultation of our Ayurveda instructor Joovin Kennedy, who will conduct a pulse diagnostics and compose an individual diet for you in accordance with the constitution of your body.

Since the problems of the gastrointestinal tract is not only physical, but also a spiritual ailment, then the approach to healing should be special.

And what is the way to healing?

Firstly, listen to yourself. It has a crucial meaning. What feelings do you experience most often? What things cause the state of anger and aggression? If these problems are familiar to you, you should think everything over and possibly make changes in your lifestyle.

In a second turn, get rid of “empty food”. What does it mean? There are products that do not bring any benefit to our body. Try to eat fresh, tasty and healthy food. After all, we eat to live, not live to eat! Therefore, only high-quality freshly prepared products can replenish energy reserves of our body.

Thirdly, you should eat in a calm atmosphere and not be disturbed by anything, because any external stimulus does not contribute to the favorable digestion. Many people have a habit to watch TV, read news on their lap top or “stream” YouTube during a meal – everything abovementioned is harmful for the stomach.

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