Dr.Joovin Kennedy

Our instructor graduated from Dr. MGR Medical University, has a doctorate in Integrative Medicine and has been actively practicing Cellular Nutrition and Environmental Medicine in India and abroad for many years. He specializes in treating chronic illnesses by recognizing every individual’s biochemical uniqueness to compose personalized treatment plans using diet and natural supplements along with hormone optimization.

Dr.Kennedy has a passion for integrative health, healthy eating, preventing disease and redefining healthcare .He considers all factors that influence health, wellness, and disease including mind, spirit, and community, as well as the body.

He loves inspiring and educating others about the art and science of Integrative Health and believes that treating the causes and symptoms of diseases is just as important as helping patients rediscover joy and meaning in their lives.

Adarsh Mohandas

Adarsh Mohandas has roots from a traditional Ayurvedic family, that resides in Kerala region. He has obtained knowledge in Ayurvedic Panchakarma Therapy during his training from MHRD, Govt. of India. He has been working with Tridhi Wellness Solutions, Kerala and has 8 years of clinical experience.

Gokul Krishnan

Gokul Krishnan is originally from Kerala and is passionate in the field of Ayurveda. He has obtained his Diploma in Ayurveda Nursing & Panchakarma Theraphy at Ashramam College Idukki. He has been working with Wellness Solutions Pvt., LTD for 1.5 years with a dedicated and helping mentality.

Sreekumari Sreekala

Sreekumari Sreekala has extensive knowledge in Ayurveda and Yoga and has 5 years of experience in India and abroad. She has obtained her training in Panchakarma Therapy and continued her practice with Tridhi Wellness, Kerala. She is an expert in Traditional Kalari Massage , Dhatupushti treatment and well trained in Yoga.

Reshma Sabu

Reshma Sabu is a native of Kerala. She is a practitioner of Ayurvedic Panchakarma Therapy and specializes in Netratarpanam, also widely known as Eye Rejuvenation Treatment. She has obtained her training at Sreedhariyam Ayurveda Hospital, Kerala and continued her practice there. She is a well trained professional with 5 years of clinical experience in Panchakarma.